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Preventive Maintenance Programs-Power Washing

5/1/2019 (Permalink)

We are contracted on a quarterly basis by a local medical facility to power wash the front sidewalk to maintain a professional appearance.

SERVPRO of Hazleton/Dallas/Harvey's Lake offers preventive maintenance programs as a way to help facility managers and property managers be proactive. Pictures above is a quarterly power washing of the front entrance of this Hazleton medical facility. By having a plan in place the facility manager is able to rely on SERVPRO of Hazleton/Dallas/Harvey's Lake to help keep the facility looking sharp.
We also have preventive maintenance plans for dryer duct cleaning that we offer to hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and larger apartment complexes. These plans help ensure that the duct system gets regularly cleaned reducing the risk of a fire.
Call SERVPRO of Hazleton/Dallas/Harvey's Lake for your free quote on a preventive maintenance program and keep your facility safe and clean.

Preventive Maintenance Programs-Dryer Duct Cleaning

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

A build up of lint can cause a dryer to overheat and ignite a fire. Better to be safe than sorry!

Dryer fires remain a leading cause of all fires and not properly maintaining them is a big factor. When lint builds up in the exhaust duct system, it could cause the dryer to overheat and ignite a fire. This is true for both residential and commercial properties. In most instances, the residential ducts are shorter and with a simple shop vac can easily be cleaned. Commercial properties like hotels, nursing homes and apartment complexes can have a longer and more intrigue duct system and may require a company like SERVPRO of Hazleton/Dallas/Harvey's Lake to clean them. While the dryers in commercial properties are industrial by nature, they certainly are used more frequently leading to a greater need for a preventive maintenance program. SERVPRO of Hazleton/Dallas/Harvey's Lake can offer a quarterly, semi-annually or annual cleaning of the dryer duct system by our certified HVAC technician. Better to be safe than sorry. Call us for a free estimate for your preventive maintenance program and ensure your dryer ducts are properly maintained. We are proud to serve our local Back Mountain and Western Luzerne County communities.